Cactus Crafts



Enjoy some quality crafting time with the kids over the weekend with these easy cactus-inspired crafts

(Published in Essentials Magazine, May 2015. Photographs: Graeme Ainscough)

TAKES 20 Minutes
• Green card, in different shades
• Glue stick
• Cacti templates C, D, & E
• Pencil
• Scissors
• White paint pen
• Pink tissue paper

1. Take 3 sheets of green card and fold each in half lengthways. Glue one half of each folded sheet to the next, to form a 3D card.
2. Lay the 3D card flat and place a cactus template in the middle. Draw around the template, and cut out.
3. Add some ‘needles’ to each side of the 3D cactus with a white paint pen.
4. Scrunch up some small pink tissue paper ‘flowers’ and glue to the top of the cactus.


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